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Published: Wed Jan 13 2010

The kidís party bag has been around for generations and is a great little gift to give to kids for the way home from the party. It can also act as a great distraction if some of the children are not enjoying themselves and they need some little toys to make them feel better. When constructing the kids party bag you do not have to go overboard with the amount of toys in the bag and they do not have to be too expensive. A number of basic games will keep them entertained along with a couple of sweets to eat.

Another factor to bear in mind is the safety element. You need to be confident that the toys in the party bag are safe to the kids to play with. They need to be made with materials that will not harm the child as well as not supplying toys that they could choke on. Below are just a few suggestions on the different type goody bags to keep the little ones amused.

Art Goody Bags

Depending on the type of childrenís party you have may depend on the type of party bag you will want to give out. An art based party bag can involve a number of creative materials so they can draw lots of fun pictures. Items such as crayons, paint sets and stickers can keep the kids entertained for ages and it can help them calm down after a hectic party environment. It can also develop their creative skills, which other parents will definitely approve of.

Noisy Party Bags

Noisy party bags on the other hand can help kick start the party if the kids are lacking in energy and excitement. Items such as pocket kazoos, slide whistles and quaking duck noises can make children laugh to create a much more upbeat childrenís party. A noisy party bag may not be every parentís cup of tea but if the kids are lacking in party spirit then it can be a great idea.

Simple Games Party Bags

Every kid loves playing games especially if it is a game that they have played many times before and enjoyed. Normally the most basic games can keep the kids amused for much longer such as pin ball, pocket yo yoís and slide puzzles. All of these games are extremely cheap and if it keeps the child amused for a while then it will be ideal after an active party.

All of these different party favours can be found at the along with hundreds of other childrenís party supplies to make sure that the party goes well. We have a range of popular themes from the latest cartoon and TV characters that the children will love. Check out the for all of the party supplies you will need and our experienced children supply team can help you along the way.
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