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From: Simoney Badges Limited
Published: Mon Feb 01 2010

Simoney is a leading supplier of badges that produces name badges and promotional badges in a simple manner. These badges are designed in such a way that it attracts attention towards the badge holder. Company employees wearing name badges make the approaching customer or the general public feels comfortable while interacting with them. The company objective is to produce badges in a simple and high-quality manner. announces that their promotional badges are designed in such a way that it can act as a cost-effective tool of promoting companyís corporate image or logo. Their wide array of badges including Executive Name badges, Plastic Personalised Name Badges and Reusable Name Badges have the imprinted texts and logos digitally printed just on the face of the badges in one side and then these are laminated for protection.

For more than years, the company values has been sponsoring, designing, producing and supplying simple and top quality name badges, metal badges, button badges, enamel badges, and badge holders globally. Simoney is recognized as one of the leading badge making companies for its unique and fast badge making process. The company usually dispatches customerís orders the same day.

The new range of pin, button and name badges offered by the company are all exclusive ranges of material choice. The key feature of Simoney badges is that the prices charged are very flexible and you can choose your preferences from very inexpensive economical badges to highly modified designer badges. Customers approaching Simoney badges do not compromise regarding the quality of the badges.
About Simoney badges are well-known for its simple design and high-quality production. The badges designed by the company are both cost effective as well as top end designer badges. Simoney employs most recent design and manufacturing technologies for meeting the bottom-line needs of the customers.
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