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Published: Tue May 11 2010

Adrian Kirk, 40, who has taken up his new role as sales director for RapidVu, began his career at HFS, but has spent the last 15 years as a national sales manager and business development manager for some of the biggest names in security technology, including Crime Prevention Services, PMD Technologies and Leerose Integrated Systems. Most recently, Adrian has spent the last two years as the business development manager with Reliance Security Services, enhancing his credentials in electronic security, prior to making a welcome move to RapidVu.

"It is great to be joining RapidVu," said Adrian when asked about his impending appointment. "The role of technology in security is undergoing a revolution and I was keen to join a company at the cutting edge of the latest developments in this field."

RapidVuís speciality is in intelligent, rapid deployment surveillance and its solutions are ideal for mobile applications. Small, light, portable and flexible, RapidVu has established itself as the perfect solution for locations difficult to reach with more traditional forms of CCTV and is attracting interest from a wide customer base, including police, local authorities and anti-social behaviour (ASBO) teams. One of Adrianís new roles will be to spread the good news about RapidVu to a new generation of potential users who could benefit from the latest in CCTV thinking.

With much in the news focusing on the spiralling costs and ineffectiveness of traditional CCTV systems, RapidVu aims to enable users to increase their surveillance resource while reducing costs. The unique RapidVu technology solution captures real, tangible evidence which can be used to reduce and prevent crime. The wireless, intelligent technology can be used in non 3G areas at high speed, without the usual delays associated with fixed line communications.

On the technology front, video analytics is available to track the movement of people (RapidVu Track and Trace) and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is all part of the car park security suite. The great fear of wireless has always been excessive network costs, but RapidVu allows customers to monitor live streams in different locations simultaneously, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and all accommodated within a cost-effective monthly tariff.

"The RapidVu system has so many things going for it, that the only problem I can see will be coping with demand," added Adrian. "There is clearly huge scope for growth in rapid deployment wireless surveillance systems in the UK that are both cost effective and deliver results. Since RaipdVu is one of the few systems on the market to offer both, we have the foundation to advance the use of the system in the current marketplace and Iím looking forward to doing just that in the coming weeks and months ahead."

When not at the office, his love of sports, keep-fit and amateur dramatics takes up much of Adrianís leisure time, although as the RapidVu director charged with introducing this latest CCTV technology to potential new customers, Adrian will rarely be away from his desk for very long!

Adrianís appointment is the first in a number of key senior positions RapidVu is creating to take advantage of the sudden growth in the mobile CCTV marketplace. Further new announcements are planned for the near future.

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