New Study Shows That 75% of People Prefer to Buy Condoms Online from Sites Reputed like Condomcare

From: ID Healthcare Ltd
Published: Mon Aug 02 2010

A recent study has shown that 75% of consumers prefer to buy condoms online, rather than going into a "real world" store and buying them there. Reasons given have been as diverse as traditional embarrassment and good old fashioned convenience – when one purchases condoms on the web, after all, one doesn’t have to go anywhere. The product comes straight to your house.

So – what’s behind this shift in consumer behaviour? Management at UK online condom sensation Condomcare ( think it could be as simple as "modern habit". What they mean is that people choose to buy condoms online these days because they buy everything online – "the same reasons apply," they speculate, "whether a customer is buying a book or a packet of Trojans. The Internet is easier: it offers more choice." That’s certainly true. A customer using the Condomcare site can choose, at a glance, from literally hundreds of condom manufacturers and styles – from the big, well known brands to more specialty types like the incredible "Action Pouch", the world’s first ever male sensation enhancing condom.

It’s choices like this, which people don’t get in their high street stores, which seem to be upping the volume of customers who ultimately want to buy condoms online. Another factor is the "shareability" of online information: users of Condomcare site can leave their own reviews of a condom, which obviously allows other customers to make a more informed choice. Try doing that in a chemist and see how far it gets you.

Condomcare believes that the Internet lets people choose what they really want and with condoms, that’s pretty hard to do in the high street. True enough.

About Condomcare
Condomcare is one of the UK’s leading online providers of condoms and safe sex aids. Apart from a wide range consisting of Trojan, Mates, Durex, Night Light condoms, Condomcare also offers femidoms for their women clientele.

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