PeopleChecking Comment On Future HR Responsibility, Post Recession

From: PeopleChecking
Published: Mon Mar 15 2010

PeopleChecking, a service dedicated to offering employee background checks and employment screening services, comment on the increased recruitment responsibilities many company's human resources departments will face post recession.

During the worst moments of what has proved to be the deepest recession in the United Kingdom for sixty years, companies nationwide have had to downsize and lay off employees in an effort to stabilise their finances and live within their means. This has been difficult enough for companies, but questions have been raised about the responsibilities of the human resources department when the economic situation balances itself out.

Human resources departments will have to open up positions when business growth resumes and they will have to decide whether to rehire previous employees or spend time and money to train new recruits. They will also have to spend a lot of time sifting through a mountain of CVs for each position - an indicator of the current unemployment figures - which will place more pressure on already overstretched resources.

"The typical HR department only usually contains one or two people, and their time and resources can be divided to the point of meltdown when times are tough," says George Elkington, MD of NorthgateArinso PeopleChecking. "Statistics indicate that for every job advertised, up to fifteen people will apply for it in lieu of the recession. When companies start recruiting again, they'll need a lot of support in employment screening as this can potentially save a lot of time. We can assist with this service at PeopleChecking and can help ease the future burden of HR departments nationwide."

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