Proven Vibration Testing of Hybrid- Vehicle Batteries

From: Bruel & Kjaer UK
Published: Wed Feb 24 2010

Hybrid power technology development is ramping up globally. In today‘s ultra-competitive automotive industry, these technologies of the future demand vibration test solutions that can efficiently perform highly accelerated lifetime testing (HALT), even on large and fully operational assemblies.

The LDS Vibration Test System delivered to an Automotive OEM is an excellent example of a high-performing and versatile system that can easily be adapted to several test demands on large, heavy payloads in multiple axes. For example, accelerated durability tests simulating the whole lifetime of a car where continuous testing for several days at very high vibration levels and extreme temperature conditions are required.

The system is currently used for hybrid vehicle pre-production qualification and functional test of complete battery assemblies designed to be mounted underneath a car. The weight of a battery unit can exceed 250kg.

Typically, tests are performed continuously over several days in a climatic chamber with temperature cycled over a very large temperature range. The system is able to deliver a continuous vibration level of several g’s with a kurtosis level up to 7.

Quick change from vertical to horizontal test – 20 minutes compared to 4 hours with traditional solutions. The head expander and assembly airlifts 13cm from the armature via airbags between the head expander guidance frame and the shaker base. It is then a simple job to move the test specimen and rotate the shaker over and fix it to the slip-table. The normal procedure would be to remove all head expander and frame bolts, then completely remove the entire head expander and guidance assembly and rebuild to the new configuration.

This system's benefis include: the ability to accelerate the test sufficiently, due to the controller’s kurtosis control and manage heavy off-centre loads. The large size of the expander head and the slip table easily accommodate large battery units. The system can also be quickly converted for testing little objects, by using a smaller expander and slip table.

For more about volt battery testing, visit YouTube to watch a video on volt battery vibration testing:


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