Punk-Tuition for The Guitar Hero Generation - Buzzcocks Drummer Teaches How to Play Drums

Published: Mon Nov 01 2010

Buzzcocks drummer Danny Farrant has posted the first of a series of HD videos on YouTube.

The four-minute film gives wannabe drummers everything they need to master "the most fundamental beat of all" and is, of course, free.

Danny, who's been teaching drums since he was fifteen, says "There are lots of instructional drum videos on YouTube, but most of them are too complicated asnd seem to teach how to show off on drums. Too many notes, not enough music. My film is aimed at kids who want play in bands or jam with their mates. There's probably a mid-life crisis Dads audience out there, too."

The ongoing project is a collaboration with film-maker Matt Thurling. Matt, who helped Gorillaz and Peter Gabriel launch online ventures, says "Buzzcocks are my all time favourite band, Danny is an old mate, and YouTube is the greatest educational resource ever created. This isn't work."

The film is made up of clear and simple instructions from Danny and shows people as much as it tells them how to do it. It features an innovative form of musical notation, not dissimilar to Guitar Hero.

"The animated notation is a much more intuitive way of expressing beats visually than crotchets and quavers," says Dan. "But, honestly, if one more person mention bloody Guitar Hero. The whole point is getting people to play real instruments."

The embed code for the video is available on the YouTube page.

More content will soon be available at Danny's website.

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