Pure FX Advise On Currency Volatility During UK General Election

From: Pure FX
Published: Wed Apr 28 2010

Pure FX, a specialist firm offering cost-effective currency transfer services, comment on the uncertainty that will surround the currency market during the upcoming UK general election.

Speculation is rife amongst the media with polls indicating the possibility of a hung parliament, with some parties insisting that scenario would be the worst outcome possible for the UK economy. Shadow Business Secretary Ken Clarke, for instance, has recently speculated that in the event of a hung parliament, the International Monetary Fund would have no option but to intervene to tackle the UK's huge debt levels.

Such speculation has seen an already volatile currency exchange market throw up surprises day-after-day, with no sign of things easing until after the general election on May 6. As such, professional currency brokers Pure FX are recommending that now more than ever is the time to consult with foreign exchange experts should people look to make key financial commitments at home and abroad.

"We can't really see the exchange markets settling down until sometime after the general election. Even then, in the event of a hung parliament, it will be increasingly interesting to see how the situation develops," says James Roberts of Pure FX. "But the truth of the matter is that the business world isn't going to stop turning because of the election, and people are still going to be looking to make investments. As one of the UK's leading foreign exchange services providers, we can offer key information to clients in regard to currency exchange, sending money abroad and more to private clients, corporate clients and many others."

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