Pure FX Warn Over The Continuing Fluctuations In Sterling And The Currency Exchange Market

From: Pure FX
Published: Mon Mar 08 2010

Pure FX, a specialist firm offering cost effective currency transfer services, are warning about the progressive uncertainty around sterling rates and continuing fluctuations surrounding the currency market.

August 2009 saw the Bank of England injecting financial stimulus and quantitative easing measures into the economy to ease the recession causing fluctuating foreign exchange rates in the market and seeing the pound weaken. Though the markets have since steadied to a degree, sterling continues to oscillate against other currencies as the economy struggles to grow.

With the long term effects of the recession still unknown, mortgage lenders and banks are still reluctant to offer loans to clients and the rise in VAT has also had an effect on the public's shopping habits. Whether the United Kingdom can continue to stave off recession and keep it at bay for another financial quarter remains to be seen. Regardless of this Pure FX are confident they can offer the best money transfer rates in such uncertain times and also clients have the option of fixing exchange rates.

"People are still worried about getting the best value for money when they are looking at foreign exchange, and they have every right to in such a volatile market," says James Roberts of Pure FX. "However, we at Pure FX can put customers at ease and provide them with the best currency exchange rates available. The pound will no doubt see its strength and dominance return over time, and we're confident that the markets will see stability sooner rather than later."

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Pure FX specialise in providing foreign exchange and international payment solutions for both private and corporate clients. Their range of services benefit clients in many ways - fixed exchange rates, zero commission and risk management all aid clients in getting the most from their money.

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