Tower Crane Hire from CityLifting Makes Life Easy For City Contractors

From: City Lifting
Published: Thu Jul 08 2010

Industrial lifting giants CityLifting are making the post-recession world an easier place for construction companies to live in. Their comprehensive tower crane hire schemes are enabling even the hardest-hit contractors to keep going by taking a huge chunk out of the general over head budget for any construction project: leaving project managers free to concentrate on balancing the books where they really need it.

The lifting part of any building job has always been one of the most cost ineffective. Why? Because cranes are enormous, difficult and time consuming to erect and maintain, and they only ever get used sporadically. Owning and maintaining a tower crane can be a full time undertaking and a job almost as costly as building a block of flats. Hiring one from companies like CityLifting, on the other hand, allows contractors to sidestep all sorts of nasty side effects – maintenance bills, regular inspection work, employee training and so on. Tower crane hire shunts all of those headaches into the capable hands of the hire firm – whose very existence is built on the idea that subcontracting major worries to experienced third parties becomes a profitable enterprise for all concerned.

When a company hires its crane rather than owning it, it no longer has to worry about wear and tear (try buying spare parts for something that can pick up a football stadium and you’ll see what we mean), regular maintenance, and the extremely costly process of training someone to work the thing. With CityLifting’s tower crane hire, all of those "services" are part of the package – and hence the responsibility of the hire company rather than the constructor. The builder gets on with worrying about building things – the crane hire firm, in this case CityLifting, shoulders the burden of care for the crane.

About CityLifting
City Lifting is an Essex based crane hiring company. Their full range of lifting gear consists of mobile cranes and tower cranes for a wide range of applications in the UK.

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