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From: Towergate Bakers
Published: Tue May 18 2010

As we all know climate change is a matter on the worlds mind with the term ‘Carbon Footprint’ almost becoming an everyday expression. Like all forms of holiday travel, caravanning plays its part in producing CO2, the gas which is reported to be largely responsible for the changes in climate and increase in extreme weather conditions we see today.

To address this Towergate Bakers are developing the ‘Green Insurance Policy’ which pledges to use the savings made on postage and processing time to help offset these carbon emissions, therefore customers will face no extra cost but can be happy in the knowledge that the Carbon Footprint left by their caravan holidays would be offset through their Towergate Bakers Green Insurance Policy.

To further your efforts in reducing carbon emissions whist caravanning, you may want to take a look at the simple guide below.

Green Caravanning

A poll released by ibuyeco ( revealed caravanners, on the whole, are greener in their day to day lives. It was shown that whilst 1 in 10 of us get frustrated by caravan towers on the road, nearly three quarters of us admitted they were more environmentally friendly. This was also backed up by results indicating that caravanners carry out basic maintenance far more regularly as well as giving their impact on the environment day to day thought.

Below are some points to look out for when purchasing a caravan that may assist a reduction in your Carbon Footprint:

• Power consumption – Reliance on solar panels rather than batteries and generators would be considered environmentally friendly, as well as cheaper in the long run. LED lighting within the caravan itself would also decrease power consumption.

• Insulation – The construction of the caravan itself will greatly affect heat retention and regulation. The better the level of insulation the less power will be required to heat a given space for any period of time thus reducing the demand on energy/power to do so. A stronger less corrosive shell would also prolong the life of the van reducing power consumed during manufacturing as a replacement would not be necessary for several more years.

• Lightweight/Aerodynamic – A lightweight aerodynamic caravan will take far less power to tow allowing for a smaller, more eco-friendly car to be used as the towing vehicle.

• Make & Model – Some companies utilise eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, developing and supplying caravans at a lower ‘carbon cost’ compared to others. Look out for Green manufacturing techniques and recycling schemes when researching the company you wish to buy your caravan from. Increased awareness from consumers will only serve to put pressure on growing companies to be more ‘eco aware’.
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