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From: Centred Excellence Ltd
Published: Tue Dec 18 2012

Training recruitment consultants is an important step for recruitment managers who want to deliver increased revenue and profit, for their recruitment agency. The challenge often comes with trained recruitment consultants who are not delivering. Having a consultant who is not hitting billings is a serious financial drain to any recruitment company. To help address this, Nicky Coffin of Centred Excellence launched her new product less than a week ago. The step by step video and guide helps recruitment managers turn around their underperformers in 14 days or less, if they follow the blueprint that Nicky lays out.

The recruitment sector is one of the industries where managers are expected to deliver on a billings target and manage a team of recruitment consultants at the same time. This can create problems for managers who have individual team members on their team that are not hitting billings. Many recruitment managers assume that once initial training for recruitment consultants has taken place everything will work like clockwork. This is rarely the case. Generally recruitment managers and team leaders are highly motivated individuals and they are often surprised when the teams they manage are not. The challenge often starts when managers donít recognise the warning signs of underperformance.

This is a key area that most managers need help with. "I have been working within the recruitment industry for approaching 20 years. First as a recruiter, then as a director of my own company. The one thing I notice is that the warning signs of poor performance and lack of motivation are missed. Once people understand why their recruitment consultants are acting in the way they do, the easier it then becomes to provide the best possible solution that will deliver results at speed. A recent survey I carried out with recruitment managers across the UK highlighted this area as a major problem. That is when I decided to create a video guide that walked people through the whole process of getting recruitment consultants back on track," commented Nicky.

Nicky Coffins latest product is in a video format and includes an mp3 recording and a number of templates that recruitment managers can use to help with the whole process. "I decided to create this as a video so that people could listen and watch to help the whole learning experience. It is like having me there with them. I even give people the exact steps to identifying the three types of underperformers and then how to turn around each one." said Nicky.

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