UV Protected Shaded Nation Shade Sails Sales Go Through the Garden Roof This Summer

From: Shaded Nation
Published: Thu Jul 08 2010

Garden furniture newbie Shaded Nation has found the right summer to get its classy shade sails on the "shelves" of its web site. With British temperatures soaring to records that beat all the 21st century bands of summer madness, there’s never been a better time for the islander to get some serious shade going in the outdoor portion of his or her castle.

So what are these shade sails that Shaded Nation is offering this summer? They are Sail-shaped bits of toughened canvas (it’s technically called "shade cloth", but it’s basically treated canvas) impregnated with all sorts of high tech preparations designed to defend users from UV rays and inclement weather. Unlike traditional garden furniture, they’re good for use all year round – they provide as much protection from wind and rain as they do from sun – and, again unlike traditional garden kit, they actually look good.

More than good, in fact. Shaded Nation is proud of the uptake on its shade sails, and it isn’t difficult to see why. When you look at one (or a set, they go very well in little nests, like clipper ship sails) in situ, you can readily understand why people have been falling over themselves to kit their gardens out with the things. They are sculptural, beautiful, hanging ethereally over the greens and flower colours as though floating unaided.

Moreover, the shade sails bring a touch of the art gallery and a soupcon of the pavement cafe to the humble British back yard.

Visit them at http://www.shadednation.com to pick one today as Shaded Nation shade sails are just the thing to make this A1 summer really go with a swing.

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Shaded Nation is one of the leading suppliers of stylish shade sails in the UK. UV protected shade sails offered by them are used widely in restaurants, gardens, patios, car parks and schools.

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Company: Shaded Nation
Contact Name: Shaded Nation
Contact Email: highposition2010@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 0845 299 4929

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