Ultimotive Ends Compromise Facing Families Looking For Roof Boxes

From: Ultimotive Limited
Published: Thu Aug 05 2010

For families looking to get away this summer, buying roof boxes is a great way to give a vehicle a real boost in storage capacity. However many car owners are struggling to find the right balance between finding the right type of roof box, and finding one that's secure and robust.
Essex, United Kingdom, August 2010 - With more of us heading off in our cars for our holidays this year than ever before it has become increasingly obvious that car boots are often not big enough to contain an entire family's packing for a week or two, which is why sales of roof boxes have risen dramatically this year. Roof boxes are available for virtually all makes and models of cars, and provide a massive boost to the amount of storage capacity available, with smaller roof boxes available in 320 litre sizes, rising to 350 and 430 with huge 500 litres roof boxes available at the top end - easily capable of containing a couple of large suitcases or most of a family's holiday packing. But often there is a problem, and Ultimotive, one of the UK's leading online suppliers of roof boxes, believes they have the answer.
The problem is simply that most high street shops selling roof boxes are completely unable to stock a large enough range of roof boxes to cope with every different make and model of car in the UK. As a result they either stock a limited range of roof boxes suitable for some of the more popular makes and models of car on the roads, or they stock adjustable roof boxes that can be adapted to fit a larger number of types of vehicle. However, this leaves many vehicle owners in a difficult situation, because they're either required to visit a range of retailers looking for one who happens to stock a roof box of the desired capacity that's suitable for their vehicle, or compromise on capacity and security by opting for an adjustable roof box.
Ultimotive has managed to provide a solution which solves both of these issues, providing a service which is as simple as it is effective. At Ultimotive they stock a huge range of roof boxes in every capacity and for every make and model of vehicle that's capable of carrying a roof box. What all customers are required to do is to visit their website and select the make of vehicle from one list, and the model from a second list. Ultimotive will then provide a customised page of results displaying all of the roof boxes which fit that particular car, giving customers the choice, and the confidence of knowing that the roof boxes sold by Ultimotive are secure, robust and an exact fit.

For more information about Ultimotive or to find out more about their range of roof boxes and roof bars, visit their website at http://www.ultimotive.co.uk/

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