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From: Goodman Lantern
Published: Wed Jul 22 2015

Today Goodman Lantern Limited, is announcing the release of their Paper on Advantages of Writing White Papers for B2B companies. White papers have repeatedly proven to move prospects through the sales funnel and benefit Businesses especially in a business to business sale.

According to Ric Mccarthy at GM Digital "For us White Papers have proven to be a very effective form of business communication". White papers are also: 1. An efficient tool to get new customers and retaining existing ones 2. Setting up meetings with clients on the back of distributing white papers 3. Make a mark as a thought leader and expert in a field 4. Vital tool for Educating Staff and Partners within the Organisation

The paper discusses how to get more affordable white papers published and available for a company.

About Goodman Lantern: We are Your Virtual Marketing Team and completely location independent, implies we work round the clock. Grow your team with flexible skill-sets, no retainers or lock-ins.
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