Using Social Media to Find Work

From: Major Players
Published: Fri Mar 26 2010

Now more than ever, the ability for us to highlight our talents, voice our opinions and get noticed by the right people is at our fingertips. In the current competitive employment marketplace, technology, new media, and social networking offer individuals the chance to stand out from the crowd and SEO their own career (so to speak).

Indeed, for employers such focus by candidates on their core strengths and how to showcase them is increasingly seen as critical in higher level positions. For more junior levels, it couldn’t be a better time to start honing these online skills.

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Question: How comprehensive does the info on a LinkedIn profile need to be? Is a potential employer going to turn you down because your entire CV or work history isn't displayed?

Becky advises: LinkedIn is a fantastic recruitment tool. Your profile is like your CV - you need to show people you are digitally savvy, you have embraced this digital space (by being on the social media sites, mainly LinkedIn) and you are aware of important trends. Digital jobs (and offline jobs too) are going to come to people now via these social networking sites.

Question: I am a creative looking for a new events job, but it’s increasingly difficult to get interviews with all the competition out there. I have recently joined LinkedIn as a way of getting my profile out there, but do you have any tips for being noticed over everyone else?

Becky advises: Ensure your online folio is easy to use and the work clearly presented - your work is what they want to see. You have about 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention online and most creative directors are swamped with applicants at the moment so you need them to see only your best - a weak project will only make them press delete.

Also when applying for jobs, make sure you're targeting agencies that would realistically be interested in your work. Critically look at your folio and assess where you sit in the industry, then research your industry, draw up a hit list of agencies you are interested in, look at their website, their current work and their clients and question what you would add to their offering. If necessary alter your folio to make it appropriate to individual agencies.

If you do get an interview always have something new to show them that wasn't in your online folio. Maybe put together a presentation (print or digitally) targeted at them - think of it as being the same as if you were pitching to a client.

Question: I'm curious about posting CVs on social networking sites in terms of privacy. Is it a good rule of thumb not to have an address on there, but simply your mobile and email address and LinkedIn profile link?

Becky advises: Your LinkedIn page is like a CV, so this is your chance to really sell yourself as well as highlight your expertise and skills. I would suggest an email / mobile number if fine. You may get unsuitable emails but you can just archive them.

Question: What sort of social media activity or profile would impress a potential employer? And what sort of stuff should you avoid completely? I'm thinking of photos on Facebook...surely it's ok to have party pics on your profile, providing your privacy settings are limited to friends only?

Becky advises: Your reputation is key to how people see you. I would always suggest keeping Facebook private. Your LinkedIn and Twitter can be your business network. Remember all the Facebook stories about people posting gossip and making updates online about taking false sick days or bad mouthing their boss.

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