Ventilation Ductwork Contract Gets Underway at Sellafield

From: Senior Hargreaves
Published: Wed Mar 03 2010

Senior Hargreaves has been involved in ventilation works at Sellafield for over 30 years. The company are commencing work on a major contract, the Separation Area Ventilation (SAV) project. This involves the replacement of legacy ventilation systems, the re-routing of exhaust ductwork and the creation of new filters and discharge stack.

"There are probably very few significant building on site built during the last three decades to which we have not supplied ductwork. The nuclear industry has very exacting demands and we are pleased to meet these standards, deliver projects to schedule and have an exemplary health and safety record," explained managing director Kevin White.

To permit the decommissioning of the stack associated with the primary separation and head end facility, a major landmark on the site dating from the 1940ís, a new stack, filters and fan house and a major rerouting of ventilation from the SAV building is required. This will involve the fabrication of a network of 3000 metres of ductwork and its installation onto existing and new high level pipe bridges around the site. The scope of the Hargreaves work includes all ductwork, flues, filter banks and fan housings. To meet technical needs and minimise long-term maintenance approximately 500 tonnes of stainless steel will be required.

Within an overall scheme valued at £80 million, the Hargreaves component will be £16 million. Main contractors for the project are Doosan Babcock. Kier Construction, Balfour Beatty Engineering Services, Jacobs Engineering, Bierrum International and Shepley Engineers are also contributing specialist construction and engineering skills.

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