Versatile Service at The Brewery, Chiswell Street

Published: Thu Jul 08 2010

As one of Londonís best known and most prestigious function venues, The Brewery, Chiswell Street E1, plays host to a wide range of events. There can be as many as 2,000 visitors on site at The Brewery at any time.
Originally established as a working brewery in 1750 by Samuel Whitbread, The Brewery is a Grade II listed building and holder of a City Heritage Award. With its own private courtyard, itís an iconic location in the City of London. Within the 250 year old building, however, the facilities are right up-to-date, with the state-of-the art audio-visual, presentation equipment and wireless networking capabilities.
This high-tech approach has been carried through into the catering with the installation of two VarioCooking Centers. FRIMA's new, futuristic and award-winning, multi-function cooking system combines a tilting pan, kettle and deep-fat fryer in a single unit.

The VarioCooking Centers are now playing a key role in delivering seasonal menus and a diverse range of dishes to high standards. Facilities manager Mark Armstrong first saw the VarioCooking Center at a live cooking demonstration.

"I was with one of our assistant chefs, and he saw the potential as quickly as I did," said Armstrong. "We had a deep fat fryer on site, but we donít do a great deal of frying, so it makes sense to have equipment that combines frying with other functions. Equally, we had Bratt pans which we donít need any more."

The Brewery has installed two VarioCooking Centers, the large 311 model (150 litre capacity) and the medium size 211 (100 litre capacity). "The two VarioCooking Centers, along with three new combi ovens, make up our total cooking facilities.

"When youíre preparing a function for 500 to 700 people, itís ideal. For example, the chefs have found that they can prepare beef stroganoff, cook and then hold it perfectly until itís time for service."

The Breweryís chefs use the VarioCooking Centers to prepare dishes such as potatoes and other vegetables, as well as frying eggs and chips, all of which need careful cooking and handling to be served in top condition. Many dishes are cooked in the combis and then finished in the VarioCooking Centers for serving.

With customers having high expectations of the quality of both the food and the service at The Brewery, the flexibility of cooking style offered by the VarioCooking Centers, as well as the high speed heating up time, is helping to maintain the venueís high reputation for function catering.

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Notes to editors:
The VarioCooking Center is a new generation cooking system which sets out to change the way chefs operate in the kitchen. Designed to make many conventional cooking systems obsolete, the VarioCooking Center is a multi-purpose cooking tool combining a tilting pan, a kettle and a deep-fat fryer, making a compact three-way system with a sophisticated and easy to use computerised control and monitoring system.
It cooks up to 50 per cent faster than conventional appliances, with up to 40 per cent lower energy and water consumption, less food shrinkage and lower fat consumption. It helps the chef to achieve the highest cooking results consistently.
The faster cooking times and savings in running costs come via a feature FRIMA calls VarioBoost. This uses a network heating structure that helps to prevent the food from sticking in the pan. VarioBoost can raise the cooking temperature to 250C in under four minutes, for example searing up to 60kg of goulash meat in only 17 minutes - cooking it to perfection - and maintaining the heat even when the pan is filled with food.
A control system, VarioCooking Control, allows the chef to select the type of food to be cooked. The unit automatically detects the size and amount of food.
Patented technologies on the VarioCooking Center include an automatic food recognition system, a core temperature probe, a water drain system, and automatic lift/lowering that ensures accurate cooking of pasta, poached and deep-fried foods.
A full range of accessories is available, including dedicated baskets and carts for special foods, and multiple VarioCooking Center units can be linked together by computer for remote monitoring and data logging of the cooking processes for HACCP.
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