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The recession has taken its toll on millions of families across the UK, but the Brits are nothing if not resourceful. According to free classifieds website,, more people than ever are turning to the Work from Home ( ) section of the website to boost their salaries, replace lost income or keep on top of their debts. figures show that last year the number of people searching for work they could carry out in their own homes increased by 142% compared to 2008. This trend is expected to continue this year as people look for ways to supplement their income to help keep on top of their finances.

In fact, January 2010 has already seen almost 150,000 people visiting the Work from Home section of the website making it one of the more popular categories in the part-time jobs ( ) section and 62% more people searched for ‘work from home’ jobs last month than did in December 2009. Traffic levels in January 2010 were also a staggering 412% higher than traffic levels in the corresponding month in 2009.

Currently, the most popular types of jobs on the website that people can do from the comfort of their front room include data entry clerks, remote typists, online survey respondents, online sales consultants, part-time PAs and translators.

With millions of people struggling to cope with mounting debt and worries about job security, the option to earn additional income after work and at weekends has proved a life-saver. With the country expected to languish in the economic doldrums until at least the beginning of 2011, the number of home workers is likely to grow significantly in 2010.

The attraction of working from home has also benefited from the home communications revolution, with the majority of households now having access to fast speed broadband. This has provided a wealth of new opportunities to make money armed simply with a computer and a phone.

Inevitably, with more people looking for work they can carry out at home,, a website for free classified ads listings ( ), has also seen an explosion in ‘work from home’ ads being posted on the site during the past 12 months. January 2010 actually saw the highest number of ads uploaded to the site in any one month since the section launched five years ago. The number of new Work from Home job ads placed in 2009 was double (98%) the number of new ads placed during 2008.

Yannick Pons, CEO,, commented: "The Work from Home section has been one of the most popular sections on the site over the past year, but we’ve noticed a massive spike in page views during the first month of 2010. Traffic has been growing month on month, and the number of news ads has also risen sharply.

"Not only are people looking for ways to bolster their incomes, it seems businesses are beginning to see home working as a more cost-effective resource than having staff on-site, particular at a time when they need to cut spending to the bone. With a lot of the jobs people can take up requiring just an internet connection and phone, it’s no surprise this segment of the market is beginning to appeal to consumers and businesses alike."

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