Voth Nixon Group Wins Investment Fund Awards

Published: Thu May 21 2015

Fidelity Investments appoints award-winning funds in most individual categorizations of three, five and ten year intervals. Voth Nixon Group mutual funds secured in total eight distinctions.

"These awards echo Voth Nixon Groupís pledge to delivering solid risk-adjusted and strong long-term investment revenues for our shareholders across a broad spectrum of investment management competencies," said Ms. Abigail Nixon, Managing Director of Voth Nixon Group. "On behalf of Voth Nixon Group and its shareholders, we are absolutely honored to accept this distinction from the World Investment Forum."

The eight mutual funds recognized by Fidelity Investments ranged across a variety of asset classes and styles, from investment grade bond and asset allocation to international, small cap and sector funds: Fidelity Income Replacement 2025 Fund, Fidelity Institutional Advisor Biotechnology Fund, Fidelity Institutional Advisor Income Replacement 2040, Fidelity Institutional Advisor Industrials Fund, Fidelity China Region Fund, Fidelity Pacific Basin Fund, Selected Consumer Finance Portfolios,Selected Pharmaceuticals Portfolios

"Not only do these awards acknowledge our asset managers for their exceptional management of the funds, but, just as notably, they exemplify the labor of each and every one of our 800 investment specialist across the world to harness Voth Nixon Groupís diverse abilities to assist our clients realize their financial and entrepreneurial aspirations," continued Ms. Abigail Nixon.

About Voth Nixon Group

VOTH NIXON GROUP is a global asset administration group, managing capital for both institutional and retail investors across the world. Our aim is to provide solid fund performance across various asset types in which we know we have a viable competitive edge. At VOTH NIXON GROUP your goals are important to us. We understand the financial challenges that make it difficult to achieve your targets, and weíre qualified to provide the assistance you need. We believe your financial progress, regardless of your present situation or economic condition is achievable.

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