Voth Nixon Group demonstrates that the average pension savings contributor invests 53% in Index Fund

From: Voth Nixon Group
Published: Tue May 19 2015

Research groups noted that this percentage escalation has essentially doubled mostly as a result of the increasing notability of index-based target-date funds. The research undergone in "Behavioral Effects and Indexing" also concluded that the assets in funds handled actively and assets that are non-index related, such as capital market funds, steady value funds, and business stock, devalued substantially over a seven year span. The following encompasses the study’s conclusion:

"The progression in to index related investing is great news for investors who are gaining extensively diversified exposure to the market at a lower price, ultimately assisting individuals in acquiring additional revenue for retirement," said Dr. Smith Falkiner, principal author of the report and examiner at Boston Center for Retirement Analysis.

The study also found that long-term contributors kept 100% active portfolios, most probably due to the inertia effect; in other words, they never modified their investments. This "inertia effect" is prevalent among existing long-term investors, many of whom never change their primary allocations. Shorter-term investors usually hold 100% index portfolios mainly because they were automatically enlisted in plans with index related target date funds as the preferred investment.

"The study’s conclusions emphasize the pivotal role played by plan sponsors in the investment approach of participants," Dr. Smith Falkiner said. "Due to these behavioral effects, it is apparent that the sponsor’s choice will have a significant impact on the investment decisions made by their contributors."

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