WNDC launches new manual

From: WNDC
Published: Sun Feb 21 2010

On Wednesday 24th February, WNDC will officially launch the West Northamptonshire Manual for Design Codes.

The manual is amongst the first of its kind in the UK, and will help define the style and character of new development across Northampton, Daventry and Towcester. Recognising that good quality design is essential for building successful communities, WNDC has committed to the use of Design Codes for all strategic developments in its area. The manual will provide clarity, advice and consistency for planning applicants when they formulate a Design Code.

It identifies the existing urban and rural characteristics of Northampton, Daventry and Towcester and highlights the unique characteristics of the area. It therefore ensures they can be conserved, enhanced and complimented by future development.

WNDC Chief Executive Peter Mawson commented:

"From the arrangement of individual streets and buildings to entire towns and settlements, excellent design can improve everyone’s quality of life. The Manual for Design Codes is part of WNDC’s commitment to ensuring first class development in Northampton, Daventry and Towcester. It will help local developers and wider stakeholders to deliver sustainable communities, creating places where people want to live, work and visit, while respecting the existing character and values of an area."

The launch of the Manual for Design Codes follows a period of extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders, including the local authorities and key developers.
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