What are Compression socks and why do people wear them?

Published: Tue Sep 14 2010

We have probably all heard of flight socks or travel socks and how wearing a certain kind of stocking or sock can reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) during flights. Wearing compression socks to reduce the risks of developing DVT is now widespread amongst travellers. What is sometimes forgotten is that the pressure on your lower legs starts the morning you wake up for your flight. Standing in the customs queue, at passport control and check-in, all adds to the fatigue and swelling. So even in a short 2 hour flight a wearer can benefit from wearing compression socks. And because compression can aid in so many activities, these days many other people wear compression socks not just for travelling but for a variety of health and lifestyle reasons. Elite athletes, for example, often wear compression socks to support calf muscles during training and for recovery after training or performance. GC Tech, one of the leading brands specialising in compression socks works alongside the England football squad as well as the England rugby squad, numerous professional golfers and the British Olympic Team. We asked GC Tech’s medical director and one of the world’s leading compression experts, Dr. Akbar de Medici to answer some basic questions about compression-wear and why more and more people are using it.

Firstly we asked what a compression sock is and why people wear them. Dr. de Medici explains: A compression sock is basically a ‘tight sock’, which should go all the way up to your knee from your foot. Squeezing your lower limb will affect the way your muscles work and the way your blood flows. There are several such socks on the market; the difference is ‘how’ they squeeze your leg and where they are most tight. Joggers, runners, amateur sports people, pregnant women, people who work on their feet all day or sit at a desk all day can all benefit from wearing these socks but as
this market is not regulated some socks are effective while others do not work at all. Only medical grade compression has really been proven to work effectively on the lower limb. At GC Tech we pioneer correct medical grade compression as well as a more detailed explanation about which size you should wear. This ensures that maximum advantage is gained. People interested in trying them should look for ‘medical grade compression’ if they want to feel the benefits.

When asked about who should consider wearing compression socks Dr. de Medici said ‘good quality compression socks can be worn by almost anyone. However you should carefully read the packet to understand how it is sized, what is the level of compression and whether is it medical grade compression. Proper medical grade compression should not be worn by children, people with very poorly controlled diabetes and individuals who have medically proven poor circulation’. But for other people engaged in sports, travel, pregnancy or jobs which require a lot of sitting or standing they can offer recognised benefits.

About the GC Tech compression socks and the Compression Advisory Ltd:
Compression Advisory was formed to support UCL and UCLB by a team of individuals, each who have extensive knowledge and experience in their own fields.

The journey began four years ago when the medical, scientific research, vascular surgery, textile engineering and elite sport part of the team, developed concepts and refined well researched ideas around graduated compression. This allowed them to really understand how medical grade compression could be utilised for a wider audience.

We combined this knowledge with proven commercial, marketing and financial skills to expand and bring this product to market, the first being elite sport.

While compression is not a new concept, never before have the general population had the opportunity to experience the benefits of proven graduated medical grade compression brought to them with the broad knowledge of the team we have collected, the markets our GC Tech product has been proven in and the seal of quality as delivered by UCL.

At The Compression Advisory we understand the UCL brand is a signature of quality and scientific excellence. As partners of the university we are duty bound to maintain these codes of practice and bring these qualities to the products and service we provide.

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