Wireless Charging Market 2025 Development Trends

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Published: Tue Dec 05 2017

Wireless Charging is a technology for transmitting power through a wireless medium (an air gap) to electrical devices in order to replenish their energy. In this technology, a power source transmits electromagnetic energy without interconnecting cords to an electrical load, across an air gap. Wireless charging technologies can be majorly classified into radiative RF based charging and non radiative coupling based charging. Radiative RF based charging can be further classified into directive RF power transfer and non-directive RF power transfer. Non radiative coupling based charging technology can be further classified into, capacitive coupling, inductive coupling and magnetic resonance coupling.

Wireless charging has immense benefits as compared to traditional wired charging. For instance, much smaller electronic devices as compared to those existing today, can be designed and fabricated with the elimination of batteries. Such electrical-contact free devices can be more durable as they can be easily designed to be water proof and dust proof. The technology can provide incomparable flexibility, especially for devices for which replacing batteries or charging them is hazardous, costly or infeasible as in case of body-implanted sensors. Conventional wireless sensors have a limited battery life and hence they need to be replaced periodically which is a primary performance bottleneck for these sensors. Recent research in the field of energy transfer through wireless mediums has derived a technological breakthrough to eliminate such performance bottlenecks. In other words, it has enabled the sensor networks to remain operational for a longer period of time. Wireless charging technology has greatly reduced the inefficiency of wireless sensors as energy can be provided to these sensors through coupling coils placed at a distance. As compared to battery replacement, this approach is more robust and it also minimizes the requirement for accurate sensor positioning.

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The major driving factors for the growth of wireless charging market are technological advancements in portable electronics and wearable electronic devices (such as smart-watches) along with increasing sales of electric vehicle across the world. Rising awareness about air pollution due to large scale fossil fuel consumption and emissions from automobiles is contributing to increased demand for electric vehicles by customers. Significant research and development activities are carried out by major players in automotive industry on improving power transmission range. These factors will considerably contribute to the future growth of the wireless charging market. However, incompatibility of the technology with most of the existing electronic devices can hinder the growth of wireless charging market during coming few years.

The research and development of wireless charging technology is majorly focused towards two directions viz. radio frequency (RF) based wireless charging (or radiative wireless charging) and coupling based wireless charging. Due to the safety issues associated with radio frequency exposure, radiative charging operates in low power requirement applications. As a result, non radiative wireless charging technique is finding large scale acceptance in consumer appliances such as electric toothbrushes and electric vehicle chargers.

The key players operating in the wireless charging market emphasize on advanced research and development to come up with sophisticated new age wireless charging solutions to gain the first mover advantage and to capture a major share of this emerging market. For instance, in July 2016, Texas Instruments Inc. introduced the industryÂ’s first Qi certified 15 W wireless power transmitter, the bq501210. It enables 84% system efficiency and considerably low thermal dissipation as compared to existing traditional wireless devices. The bq501210 supports multiple fast charging protocols and has different customizable and flexible features meant for medical applications, space constrained industrial applications and consumer electronics. Likewise, in May 2017, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. demonstrated the wireless dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC) technology which allows electric vehicles to charge dynamically up to 20 KW at highway speeds.

Major Market Players:

 Fulton Innovation LLC
 WiTricity Corporation
 Texas Instruments Incorporated
 Convenient Power HK Limited.
 Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Energizer Holdings, Inc.
 Powermat Technologies
 Anker Technology Co. Limited
 Oregon Scientific Global Distribution Ltd.

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Wireless Charging Market Segmentation

By Technology:

• Resonant
• Inductive
• RF
• Others

By Application:

• Consumer Electronics
• Industrial
• Automotive
• Defense
• Healthcare
• Others

By Region:

• North America
o U.S
o Canada
o Mexico
• Europe
o Germany
o France
o UK
o Italy
o Spain
o Rest of Europe
• Asia-Pacific
o Japan
o China
o Australia
o India
o South Korea
o Rest of Asia-Pacific
• Rest of the World
o Brazil
o South Africa
o Saudi Arabia
o Turkey
o United Arab Emirates
o Others

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