World's Leading Producer of Infrared Sports Performance & Recovery Garments KYMIRA® Secure £3.7 Million Investment

From: KYMIRA Sport
Published: Thu Feb 10 2022

The £3.7M investment was led by Nigel Wray and his company Euroblue, who are strong UK investors and passionate sports leaders. Nigel has large shares in London's Saracens Rugby club, as well as being a former chairman of the club and a passionate sports collector.

Nigel had this to say, "Kymira's clothing already has a great reputation with some substantial sporting organisations across the world for their recovery, performance, injury risk mitigation and rehab work. What is maybe even more exciting is the E-textiles and medicinal potential in due course. That's why we're so pleased to become shareholders behind this really exciting company."

The investment will build upon KYMIRA®'s current commercial and international growth, bringing newer, better, more advanced E-textile products onto the market to push the boundaries of limitations in sports. To aid in this upscaling, KYMIRA® have also brought on key help in the form of Chris Hill - who headed up Business Development for Catapult Sports UK & Ireland - and Joe Boyle, respectively, who is VP Business Development for North America for sport. Chris and Joe's help will be insurmountable in commercialising the new KYMIRA® technology and development of innovations for the market. By gaining such well respected, driven, seasoned Sports Sales Leadership, the company will leap higher and higher for greater success and reputation - not just in the UK - but also within the United States and the rest of the world.

"KYMIRA's recent investment, led by Nigel Wray and Euroblue Investments has fuelled rapid growth for the business. With the growing successes that KYMIRA has been seeing in the UK, we are now making strides within the US market now as well. The appointment of our VP of Business Development for North America, Joseph Boyle, is the first major step. Alongside Chris Hill for EMEA, I know the Sales Development is in excellent hands.

I am so excited to see what we can achieve over the coming years, and the impact that will have on the world, with our current and future technologies" - said Tim Brownstone Founder and CEO of KYMIRA®

A product in its final stages of development is an e-textile for the Elite professional sports market that will combine biometric data to review and optimise performance, training, and rehabilitation. This will be to the highest medical device quality, with KYMIRA® recently achieving the ISO 13485:2016 Wearable Technology Medical Device accreditation. This specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organisation demonstrates its ability to provide medical devices that meet customer requirements. KYMIRA® operates under the various rules associated with this international accreditation and has, therefore, recently been certified. This makes KYMIRA® one of the first, potentially the first, in the wearable technology space to receive such a high level of certification. This furthers KYMIRA's® scientific story to create wearable technology products for industries, that offer the highest degree of reliability and quality, with its infrared products also offered to medical-grade standards, and those featuring Celliant® designated medical devices by the FDA.
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