“Three Reasons Why KMP Brand is the First Choice for Aftermarket / replacement parts for Caterpillar

From: KM Products Europe Ltd
Published: Fri Aug 20 2010

When it comes to reliable, tough, and durable earth moving machines one name stands tall within the industry: Caterpillar. With over 300 different types of heavy duty lifting and earth moving machines Caterpillar are the market leaders the world over, and relied upon every day by thousands of businesses and companies to carry out tough work in some of the roughest environments. It is no surprise that when subjected to such rough treatment, parts inevitably need replacing, and in some cases despite the Caterpillar machines requiring special parts, some modifications may be occasionally needed. KMP Brand in these cases provides the much needed solution.

Finding the right engine parts is incredibly important, for three good reasons. First, it's important to have the right replacement parts for Caterpillar because with 300 machines and tens of thousands of individual parts it's easy to find identifying the correct part or combination of parts a challenge. Secondly it's crucial that the replacement parts for Caterpillar that are used are not the weakest link in the chain, as perhaps aftermarket / replacement parts may occasionally be. The aftermarket / replacement parts for Caterpillar that are chosen need to be every bit as durable and robust as the Caterpillar machines themselves, and since precision is also critical, the parts need to be precisely accurate, and not just a close match.

The third requirement is to be able to discuss the requirements or needs with people who have many years' experience supplying after market / replacement parts for Caterpillar, and it's for these three reasons combined that KMP Brand have become one of the leading suppliers of reused or aftermarket / replacement parts for Caterpillar the world over. For the past 40 years KMP Brand has been supplying such aftermarket / replacement parts for Caterpillar to businesses in over 100 countries.

For more information about KMP Brand or to find out more about the aftermarket / replacement parts they currently stock, visit http://www.kmpbrand.com/uk/

About KMP Brand

KMP Brand have years of experience supplying aftermarket / replacement parts for Caterpillar in over 100 countries worldwide. They also deal in a wide range of quality aftermarket / replacement parts for Detroit diesel, Komatsu and Cummins.

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