myMzone brings special Valentine’s Day offer for Popobe fans & lovers: 17% off on Love@Pink Popobe B

Published: Tue Feb 12 2013

For all those Popobe fans and lovers out there, myMzone brings special Valentine’s Day offer-17% off on Love@Pink Popobe Bear. Customers can buy Love@Pink Popobe Bear from myMzone at just £2.49.

Popobe is a large family of colourful bears which draw their unique shapes, colours and moods from the human world. Founded in 1994, Popobe has emerged as a leading urban fashion brand featuring a large family of Popobe bears with a growing gallery of over 200 colorful characters. Popobe bears draw their design inspiration largely from the animal kingdom, books, TV series, movies, animations, computer games as well as from daily products and commonly known brands around us. Popobe products come in several forms, including cell phone charms, key chains, fashion accessories, collectors Items, Thumb drive charm, toys and more.

myMzone brings Love@Pink Popobe Bear by Creations-It is a fully posable Popobe Bear in Pink color. This collectible vinyl toy is a beautiful keychain, keyring attachment, featuring a red heart motif all over. If someone is love struck by the Cupid’s arrow and is not afraid to show the same, this Pink Popobe Bear is a must buy. One can gift this vinyl cutie to one’s loved one. The recipient would love to keep this cutie vinyl Pink Bear close to him/her at all times.

Based in eclectic Camden Market, London's Creation's is a homegrown merchant, specialising in Popobe Bear collectible vinyl toys.

About myMzone: myMzone is an online community that gathers products from London’s traditional markets. It gives buyers the unique and authentic shopping experience of the real place.

At myMzone, their mission is to handpick the most exclusive items that can not be found anywhere else. Now, buyers can browse through one-of-a-kind products, experiencing the vibe of local markets from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Be it the handmade leather bag from Camden town, designer hat from Sunday up market in Brick Lane, or a home made English dressing from Borough market, or much more, anything and everything is availableat myMzone-the one-stop-shop for all the items and products available in the markets of London.

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