Are ruby developers the fittest IT workers?

From: EdgeCase UK
Published: Sun Mar 14 2010

Following a report last year putting IT workers at the bottom of the league for fitness, the Scottish Ruby Conference is organising a 5K charity run during next month’s conference in Edinburgh.

Inspired by RubyConf5k, a similar charity run held in San Francisco last year, the Scottish run will take place in the early evening of 26 March, when many of the Scottish Ruby Conference delegates and speakers will decamp to the seaside town of Portobello to race.

One of the conference organisers, Paul Wilson of EdgeCase explains: "Developing is by its very nature ‘desk bound’ but many of us find running a great way to clear the mind. Many of those taking part in the Scottish Ruby Conference 5K are not regular runners and are using this as a goal to get into shape for."

With just nine weeks until race day, EdgeCase are urging delegates to get into training now and take the gentle and effective "Couch to 5K" programme. Meanwhile EdgeCase US is entering a team in the annual Arnold Shwarzeneger’s 5K Pump and Run in Columbus, Ohio.

The Scottish Ruby Conference takes place in Edinburgh on 26-27 March and the programme has now been announced with 30 sessions planned and early bird tickets selling out in just two hours and 20 minutes.

Over the past two years the Scottish Ruby conference has raised £10,000 for CHAS (Children's Hospice Association Scotland) with a massive £7,000 raised during a charity tutorial last year. This year’s charity tutorial will be held the day before the conference on Thursday 25 March with two parallel sessions running – beginners and a more advanced tutorial.

EdgeCase’s Jim Weirich is keynote speaker at this year’s Scottish Ruby conference and along with EdgeCase's Joe O'Brien will be donating a day's Ruby tuition, with all proceeds going towards CHAS.

And in the week running up to the conference, Jim Weirich and Joe O’Brien will be in Edinburgh giving the first ever European Pragmatic Studio: Test Driven Development with Rails.

The Studio is being organised by gold sponsor, EdgeCase and there is a 12% discount for conference attendees. To get the discount code, check the Conference’s Google Group or email

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