Dell KACE Survey Reveals Most Mid-Size Organisations Will Wait to Migrate to Microsoft Office 2010

From: Dell KACE
Published: Wed Oct 27 2010

Dell KACE today announced results from a new global survey of 953 IT professionals indicating 85 percent of those polled plan to adopt Microsoft Office 2010; however, concerns around complexity of migrating to the new productivity software will delay broad deployment until 2011.

According to the study conducted by Dimensional Research and commissioned by Dell KACE, enthusiasm for Office 2010 is high, but almost 80 percent of IT professionals polled have significant concerns about the complexity of the migration. Only four percent have fully deployed Office 2010, and only 18 percent plan to broadly deploy Office 2010 this year.

The survey also revealed that IT teams feel the Office 2010 migration is a large, complex and daunting project that they are not ready to embrace. The leading causes of concern revealed by the survey include training for the new ribbon interface, compatibility with current applications and also licensing.

"The results of our latest survey on new technology adoption reinforce what we are hearing from customers–that the complexity of supporting multiple versions of Microsoft Office and the concerns over business interruption during the migration process have caused IT organisations to delay deployment," said Rob Meinhardt, president and co-founder of Dell KACE. "Dell KACE alleviates the challenges associated with migration. Our ability to offer IT operating system and Office version control paves the way for an orderly and manageable system upgrade rollout strategy that ultimately helps IT administrators save time and their organisations money."

This is the fifth study of its kind first conducted in 2007 by market research firm Dimensional Research and Dell KACE to gather data about current plans and attitudes within mid-sized corporate IT organisations about Windows OS and Office 2010 adoption. Interest in Windows 7 continues to grow as 38 percent have begun to roll out Windows 7, more than double (15 percent) those who reported doing so during similar research in January.

"IT organisations of all sizes are looking to upgrade to Office 2010 eventually, but they want to be assured that the transition process occurs as smoothly as possible. At this time it seems that migration concerns are outweighing confidence of a speedy Office 2010 migration," said Diane Hagglund, senior research analyst for Dimensional Research.

Key survey findings include:
• Only 20 percent of survey respondents have deployed Office 2010 to some number of machines, and only four percent have rolled out Office 2010 fully;
• 18 percent plan to deploy broadly in 2010;
• 85 percent reported plan to upgrade to Office 2010 eventually;
• 78 percent reported concerns over upgrading to Office 2010;
• Six percent reported they are fully deployed on Windows 7, up from one percent in the January 2010 research;
• 55 percent indicated they would upgrade their desktop and laptop computers when deploying Windows 7.

Understanding the need to minimise the cost and complexity of software upgrades, Dell KACE offers an appliance-based approach that allows IT administrators to quickly and easily upgrade to and manage Office 2010 and Windows OS transitions. The Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance™ integrates with Microsoft’s configuration tool enabling IT managers to create custom upgrade paths based on individual needs spanning the entire organisation. Once upgrade needs have been assessed, the Dell KACE appliance automatically provisions and upgrades user systems requiring no manual processes, saving IT time and money in the process.

Survey Methodology:
In September 2010, a database of IT professionals was emailed and invited to participate in a Web survey on the topic of Office 2010. This report compares certain answers to the results of identical questions asked in a January 2010 survey. A total of 953 respondents completed the survey. Participants included hands-on IT professionals (45%), IT managers (28%), IT executives (25%) and others. Participants represented a wide range of company size and industry verticals. Respondents were not compensated for participating in this survey except to be offered a copy of the final report. Follow this link to the full report:

To hear more about migrating to Office 2010 and Windows 7, join Dell KACE for the free web event titled, "Implementing Office 2010 and Windows 7: On the Way, or on the Fence?" on Thursday 28th October 2010 at 9 p.m. BST. Follow this link to register for the event:

The Dell KACE family of systems management and deployment appliances fulfill the systems management needs of the mid-market IT organisation, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement. Dell KACE products are available as both physical and virtual appliances, directly from Dell or through its certified channel partners worldwide.

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Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) creates, enhances and integrates technology and services customers count on to provide them reliable, long-term value. Dell provides systems-management solutions for customers of all sizes and system complexity. The award-winning Dell KACE family of appliances delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive, and affordable systems management capabilities. For more information, visit or follow the conversation at

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