Enhanced Customer Satisfaction Improves Customer Retention and Profitability at Hotels

From: Digital Horizons
Published: Mon Sep 06 2010

Hotels spend millions of dollars looking for solutions to enhance their service and delight their guests, so that they feel really special and comfortable. This experience during their stay leads them to make the hotel their home away from home.

Feedback has always been a tool that hotels have used to understand the pulse and thinking of their guests. The internet now adds a new dimension to this tool and makes it even more powerful and versatile.

The industry is now turning to online hotel feedback systems to measure satisfaction and get valuable feedback from their guests and customers. The analysis of this feedback is being used to improve performance and operations in the different functions and services at the hotels.

Online feedback systems trigger an email that is sent to the guest immediately on checkout or having used the facilities. The guest then gets a form that contains insightful and yet easy to answer questions on their stay and experience at the hotel. This feedback is routed to the systems of the hotel for review and analysis. Confidentiality of information is of high priority in this system and the guest is sometimes rewarded with loyalty points for providing feedback.

"Our new hotel feedback system that is a few weeks away from launch has been designed keeping in mind the need for a customer and employee satisfaction solution for providing better services and enhanced experience that would contribute in improving customer retention and profitability." says Suryanarayan Poddar, Manager – Business Development, Digital Horizons. "The hotel feedback system that we are working on is online, easy to use and interesting. We try to make the process of providing feedback easy, quick and very intuitive for the guests so that they are encouraged to provide this more often. We also include extensive reporting and analytical tools that enable hotel management to dissect, splice and combine data together and gain valuable insights into their operations and performance of their staff" he adds.

As hotel feedback systems get more prolific, how do guests react to the large number of emails that they receive in their mailbox? Frequent travelers do not seem to mind as long as the feedback forms are simple and not taxing on their minds. Surveys show that if the feedback form is designed for easy access and forwarded to guests soon after they have checked out, the response from guests is higher and more feedback is garnered.

Online hotel feedback systems are the new method hotels are turning to get comprehensive feedback from their guests. By integrating the feedback with their performance evaluation systems and sophisticated mining and analytical tools, hotels can now have a better understanding of exactly how their operations and services are impacting the moods and perceptions of their customers in creating strong bonding and loyalty towards their brands.

About Digital Horizons:

Digital Horizons is a technology company that offers a Hotel Feedback System for hotels worldwide. Headquartered in London and with operations spanning North America, Europe and Asia, Digital Horizons works with web and rich internet applications technologies for its products and solutions. The Hotel Feedback System from Digital Horizons features extensive reporting and analytical tools to enable hotels to measure and intricately understand and interpret customer satisfaction.

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