FTW Transcriber Launched to Plug Gaps Left by Express Scribe

From: Tyger Valley Systems
Published: Fri Feb 12 2010

Venture capital firm Tyger Valley Systems has released its newest sponsored product for the transcription industry, a piece of free transcription software called the FTW Transcriber.

TVS Managing Director Patrick Gubbins says: "The FTW Transcriber contains features for transcribers which are offered by no other current product. For example, it has a hotkey function that allows the user to enter time codes straight into Microsoft Word; also, it enables transcription of video files with the visuals displayed in full. And you can use it to play and transcribe files that are hosted on a remote server - no need to download them first."

The FTW Transcriber is intended to work in conjunction with Tyger Valley Systems' flagship product, ScribeManager, a transcription workflow product that aims to cut transcription firms' administration and staff costs by around 10-20%.

A full list of the FTW Transcriber's features follows:

- displays business opportunities for transcribers
- plays huge range of file types (it plays whatever Windows Media Player can play)
- plays video files (mpeg, wmv, flv, etc) with visuals displayed
- plays files either on your local drive or on remote servers without downloading first!
- local files play instantly - no wait for loading
- add time code straight into Microsoft Word by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-T
- can be used with hotkeys or foot pedals

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Company: Tyger Valley Systems
Contact Name: Patrick Gubbins
Contact Email: marketing@tygervalleysystems.com
Contact Phone: 44 20 7138 2930

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