Fotor's imminent release includes new Focus feature

From: Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd
Published: Wed Aug 26 2015

It has long been said that necessity is the essence of design. Fotor has always maintained a balance of 'user-friendliness' and powerful professionalism in order to provide the best photo editing experience. With the release of its next version, Fotor is set to bring an entirely new feature - resplendent with unique and exciting content - to anyone not willing to compromise on image quality and efficiency.
Why do people choose to create and edit images online? For some it's simply to add the finishing touches of the latest social media post, for others it's to create something iconic to be used in the professional sphere. Fotor's Photo Editor has always provided for its users, regardless of their requirements, and as it continues to develop and grow, new features are created not only to meet the growing demands of our international user base, but also to empower our users with a greater means of expression and a more dynamic visual platform.
So what is the Design feature?
From this necessity, Fotor's design feature was drafted and released, providing anyone with an internet connection the ability to create some brilliant and unique templates, ranging from professional small business graphics, to YouTube and Facebook covers. Integrating Fotor's existing photographic editing options, as well as its renowned collage maker, the new Design feature is amongst the extensive and dynamic available.
With the release of the new 'Design' feature, Fotor has successfully integrated a photo editing platform with an online graphic designer, empowering everyone with an internet connection the ability to create customized graphics, templates and advertisements. Online designing tools and platforms are nothing new, but those completely integrated with a photo editor/collage maker and streamlined with social media are almost non-existent. Fotor's photo editorís ease of use has seen it become very popular amongst a wide range of users, editing photos and making collages for personal reasons, now, with the development of a comprehensive design feature, small businesses and personal users alike can both benefit from the technology and features of the Fotor platform.
What else does Fotor have in store in its new version?
While the design feature is perhaps the most significant inclusion of the new online version, a completely redesigned UI and included new filter packs are sure to add further depth to the platform. With the inclusion of so many new features, a new UI was a necessity. With new tool bars for text editing and picture placement, altering your designs has never been easier, similarly, the new filters are sure to make your editing more efficient by providing more pre-set effects, no longer requiring as much to make that 'perfect' picture.
Fotor's new website is destined to change the way image design and photo processing is perceived. In bringing two massive features together on the same platform, and further improving, refining and adding new content, Fotor's dramatic growth in popularity is sure to continue, brining convenience and the most user-friendly editing experience to the world.
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