Intellectsoft LTD is Proud to Deliver CarDaddy App to the Market

From: Intellectsoft
Published: Thu Jan 17 2013

London, UK. Intellectsoft Ltd, one of the leading software developers for all mobile platforms and provider of numerous application development solutions for smartphones has released a new app targeting a large audience of all ages and trades. From now on the app, called CarDaddy, can be found both at the Android Store and Apple App Store.

CarDaddy app is a mixture of entertainment application with lots of useful info provided. It targets different categories of users regardless of their age, occupation and social status. The only condition is they must have a passion for cars or at least a desire to learn something on the subject. CarDaddy app is an entertaining encyclopedia of about 1558 car series, 3400 car models and 16275 car modifications thus presenting one of the biggest online automotive guides, containing the most popular cars ever built as well as their major technical characteristics and most important performance figures, including acceleration, fuel consumption etc.

CarDaddy app is not just some dull informative application. It also provides sheer fun allowing choosing 2 cars and finding out which one is better, highlighting both strong and weak sides and even race them against one another using a special computational model worked out by our developers.

Nowadays about 100 million people use smartphones all over the world as their every-day gadgets, so mobile apps are one of the major means of delivering fun, conveying information and satisfying other smartphone users’ requirements and needs. So, no doubt, content is one of the most serious factors shaping a person’s decision to buy a gadget or stick to some smartphone platform. Thus, requirements to apps are both numerous and quite severe. "Apps must be fun, guarantee ultimate entertainment and provide you with efficient info when you need it most", as our Head of Digital, Valery Kurilov stated in one of his interviews.

All that can be found in CarDaddy app, delivered by Intellectsoft’s team. We were eager to create a product which can boast both posh design and multiple functionalities and we are sure that CarDaddy app won’t be hidden among other applications presented at the market but on the contrary will find a substantial audience of followers and admirers awaiting its new releases.

Intellectsoft Ltd has been at the mobile application development market from its emergence delivering cutting edge solutions for all smartphone platforms ensuring ultimate consumers' fun and satisfaction. We clearly understand what our clients’ needs and requirements are. With every new product added to our portfolio the company’s developers are getting new experience while Intellectsoft itself is making up its reputation of a respectful company, reliable partner and provider of quality software services.

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