Laptop Power UK Continuing Their Expansion Into Education Institutes

Published: Tue Feb 16 2010

Laptop Power UK, the UK's leading online provider of compatible laptop spares and parts, announce that they are continuing their expansion into schools and higher education institutions situated across the UK in 2010.

Laptop Power UK announced in December 2009 that they were aiming to expand their laptop hardware and repair services into schools across the United Kingdom in an effort to become the number one education supplier of laptops in the country. They are also focusing their efforts on targeting laptop maintenance companies to become the UK's premier laptop hardware specialists.

Laptop Power are happy to announce that their initial efforts to move into the education market are proving fruitful and they're keen to continue their expansion into other markets. As well as offering laptop parts such as replacement laptop keyboards, screens and adaptors, Laptop Power UK are enthusiastic to promote their services across the UK and become a household name for laptop repairs.

"We're pleased with how things have been going with the move into education facilities, and the next step is to continue that expansion and become one of the UK's premier laptop maintenance companies," commented Andrew Roughly of Laptop Power UK. "However, this is one of those situations where time is a factor, and the best way to achieve our aims is continue to offer our high quality, expert services and laptop solutions to clients around the UK at competitive rates."

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