Make beautiful relaxing Lissajous patterns and Spirographs in 3D

From: Robert Inventor
Published: Tue Jun 01 2010

Show the harmonious and beautiful Lissajous patterns and spirographs taken into 3D. The patterns flow and transform as you watch with ripples of colour and light. Wrap any picture over the patterns. As the curves animate, your pictures twist and turn like reflections in a hall of mirrors!

The original 2D Lissajous patterns were traced by a beam of light reflected from mirrors attached to two tuning forks (in the C19). You can take them into 3D by using vibrations in three or more directions. Lissajous 3D traces these curves using a ribbon, or a tube.

Also you can make spirographs - those patterns made by rolling wheels within or around each other. Again you can add an extra dimension to get 3D whorls and spirals.

Includes a randomiser which helps you to generate new patterns of your own.

Comes with a screen saver to show your animations. Choose any music you like for it (mp3, wav etc). Or, set the screen saver to select tunes at random from a folder or cd.

You can set the patterns to respond to chords played in the companion program Tune Smithy, and the other way round,Tune Smithy's fractal tunes can accompany the screen saver.

It has many pattern transforming effects, some related to things that happen with real world Lissajous patterns. So, patterns drift so they continually change shape like the patterns on an oscilloscope but in 3D. You can also add friction, or magnetise the patterns. You can also use inversion (turn the pattern inside out), let a fragment swoop around the curve, use gravity, and other effects.

Features include materials such as gold, ruby etc, transparency, colour ripples, and various forms of ribbon or tube. These include star cross section tubes, twisting tubes and bead effects, strings of spheres, and ripples.

Fog can be added as well - so you can have shapes that disappear in and out of the mist. Also you can make curves that spiral around themselves as they trace the Lissajous curve.

You can save movies, or images in many formats. Or export 3D animation frames in Obj format to import into other 3D programs. Or automatically make a web site gallery for all your Lissajous 3D animations or images.

The download includes a free 30 day trial with all the features completely unlocked.

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