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Published: Tue Jun 22 2010

My Web Presenters has added to its portfolio of premier but affordable video presentations with its Video News Channels, which allow businesses to create custom XML news feeds linked to high quality videos recorded in the My Web Presenters studios by presenters with professional TV training. The videos can then be linked to an RSS feed or and to a dynamic headline listing on the Home or News page of any site.

According to Forrester Research, an online video is fifty times more likely to be listed on the front page of Google than a single text web page. Video News Channels from My Web Presenters take advantage of this enlightening statistic by employing textbook perfect video search engine optimisation techniques. In addition, the text of each news article is listed below the video to promote ranking on web search engines as well. My Web Presenters’ unique technology allows for limitless different backgrounds to add realism or visual splendor to any news video.

Video News Channels are just the latest innovation from My Web Presenters, which utilises a pool of over 400 presenters and superior equipment to create videos for any kind of organisation. They have a broadly diverse talent pool that can be tapped for any type of video production.

The company also helps larger corporations host events and communicate more effectively with clients with end-to-end video solutions. 70% of prospects prefer a video message rather than a standard web page. End-to-end video from My Web Presenters works with corporations to blend their image and style into a professional video campaign in any field.

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My Web Presenters was founded to give businesses an easy, affordable way to promote themselves through professional-quality video. Their suite of services includes promotional web videos, video news channels and corporate video presentations. Videos utilise Flash technology for high quality at low bandwidth, and since they host the videos themselves, their clients’ site performance remains unaffected. Learn more at:

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