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From: Privatoria s.r.o
Published: Wed Nov 02 2016

Web surfing protection and web traffic encryption have never been more important. In the era of data leakage & identity theft thriving, it’s vital to protect every single step online. Notorious leakage scandals, like Edward Snowden’s one, or anonymous hackers’ attacks all over the world break out every day. lets web surfers protect their online activities against scammers in the most efficient & user-friendly way.

Today, anonymous browsing and communication are enabled by numerous security services. However, unlike traditional security software solutions available on the market today, Privatoria’s product uses a complex approach towards protecting online privacy. This combined method of dual protection presupposes the enhancement of VPN encryption by Tor encryption. 2 channels of protection employed simultaneously add to the overall security of web communication.

As for the range of services offered by, they are VPN, VPN Tor, Proxy, Proxy Tor, and anonymous e-mails. Due to these services, end users can:
• hide or change their IP address
• surf from any country of the world without hindrance
• encrypt traffic to conceal their vital communication and make it anonymous
• protect their financial data (account details, passwords, card numbers, etc.)
• enjoy video-streaming without any geo-restriction
• play online games freely and openly
• protect web privacy, etc. enables connection to 60+ Tor servers and 19 VPN / Proxy servers in all corners of the world (see the map). Efficient troubleshooting in technical issues is provided via live chat & email. operates on all platforms and devices, offering their owners equal opportunities to be secured while surfing the web. As a matter of principle, the company doesn’t keep traffic logs and doesn’t embrace torrenting. has been in the market for several years already. The first, beta version of the service, was launched in August 2013. possesses a patent for utility model No.85414 "Confidential data transmission method" of 25.11.2013. Company’s developers have been constantly improving the product and striving to offer more advanced technical solutions to web users.

Recently, the company has passed through the times of restructuring and continues its mission. The mission presupposes securing online protection for most different groups of web surfers. Privatoria’s team looks forward to new challenges, while believing in free, open and uncensored internet environment, as based on Right of Privacy - an inalienable part of our human rights.

Since 2013, Privatoria s.r.o has been providing secure solutions for private and business use. The company’s team has 10-year experience in IT, especially in the sphere of Internet security. The product includes following solutions: VPN, VPN Tor, Proxy, Proxy Tor, and anonymous e-mails. united its online security services together: anonymous communication and secure web surfing are integrated within 2 complex package: VPN Tor / Proxy Tor. Privatoria’s services have a patent for utility model No.85414 "Confidential data transmission method" of 25.11.2013.
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