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From: Revolver PR
Published: Thu Jan 07 2010

For years employers had been paying for job adverts that were ineffective. Then came along and shook up the online recruitment market with revolutionary 'pay per response' billing. Now others are finally following suit.

"Our model was designed to answer one simple question: Why should employers pay for job advertising unless it can be shown to attract genuine high-quality potential recruits?" says Peter Gillespie, Managing Director of

"We launched because we believed job seekers weren't receiving the best service possible and employers were frequently getting poor value for money from their campaigns. Recruitment was clearly lagging behind other forms of advertising."

When selling products companies used to complain that only perhaps 10 per cent of their advertising was effective. What they couldn't tell was which was the 10 per cent that worked and which was the 90 per cent that represented money down the drain.

Then the internet changed everything. 'Pay per click' epitomised by Google's AdWords has become the norm. Companies now don't pay for advertisements, but for results. The return on investment is measurable in terms of the customers who come to their sites and make purchases.

But, although recruiters embraced the internet quickly and wholeheartedly, job advertising charges stayed firmly stuck in the bygone age of print. Companies were expected to pay every time an advertisement appeared even if it didn't produce a single genuine job applicant.

That was the case until revolutionised the face of online recruitment ( with pay per response advertising. Employers are only charged for real, high-quality applicants. Advertisements are effectively free.

As's competitors have found out, this model is not as simple to set up as it might seem. Given the current state of the job market, for instance, generating large numbers of responses is often not too difficult. Many of those candidates, however, will not be appropriate for the position advertised.

To avoid employers having to pay for unsuitable applicants, developed a collection of sophisticated built-in online tools that guarantee candidates will be appropriate for the role. It also allows employers to put a cap on the number of applicants so they only have to pay for the first 20 even if they receive 100 responses.

In addition, with old-fashioned charging, companies had to pay every week or every month for advertising if they wanted to maintain a recruitment campaign. With there's no time limit. It doesn't cost a penny to keep on advertising.

"It's obvious to us that pay per response offers the best deal for job seekers ( and recruiters. So we're delighted to see some of our competitors are beginning to provide something similar, although they don't all match our guarantees on quality," concludes Gillespie.
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