Security for Silverlight and Cloud Services in New Release of SecureBlackbox

Software developers will benefit from Silverlight support, cloud storage and office document security in SecureBlackbox 8.0

[UKPRwire, Mon Sep 13 2010] EldoS Corporation announced today new major software release of its SecureBlackbox product that opens new horizons to Windows and .NET software developers. New offerings such as secure operations with cloud storages and office document security will help developers create innovative software products and significantly improve existing software solutions. New functionality for counteracting DNS spoofing using DNSSEC standard will be welcomed by network security professionals.

Remote data storages, also known as cloud storages, become increasingly popular among small and large businesses alike. While there is plenty of storage providers on the market, their offerings are generally limited to sale of storage capacities and restricted by custom access protocols. Corporate and home end-users face the problem of ensuring secure data storage and data transfer to and from the clouds. TÓ help them, EldoS introduces a new component of SecureBlackbox - CloudBlackbox. At the moment CloudBlackbox offers methods for accessing Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure storages - the leaders in cloud storage business (more services to be supported soon). CloudBlackbox offers the market, in addition to access features, data encryption and integrity control and, therefore, allows simple yet secure transfer and storage of data located outside of home or corporate networks.

Two competitive office document formats (OOXML used by Microsoft Office and ODF used by OpenOffice and others) offer built-in support for encryption and digital signing of documents, yet these functions were not easily accessible for other software developers. This has changed with release of SecureBlackbox 8, which offers OfficeBlackbox package. With this new addition documents can be encrypted and digitally signed, making them compliant with business requirements and current national legislation of many countries.

SecureBlackbox position is strengthened by addition of Silvelrlight platform support. This offering is unique on the connectivity component market. Silverlight popularity grows day by day while security aspects of the new platform are still not up to the highest expectations of professionals. EldoS gives developers a convenient tool for resolving these security issues: strong data encryption provided by the components will empower Silverlight-based solutions with insurmountable benefits.

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