Top tips for custom eBay store designs

From: Advansys
Published: Sat Feb 06 2010

Now one of the top eBay store designers in the UK, Advansysí team of eBay shop designers are a wealth of eBay knowledge. We have asked their top eBay store designer to stop for a moment, to provide some top graphic design tips for custom eBay store design.

Reflect your corporate brand identity

Your top priority when designing an eBay shop is to reflect your brand identity, to increase customer confidence, trust and brand awareness. If you already have an ecommerce web design, or brochure website design, you should aim to reflect the brand identity of these through to your eBay shop design.
If you don't already have a corporate identity or logo design, contact the graphic design experts at advansys who can design you a logo design and brand identity, to your exact requirements, ready for your eBay company.

Follow eBay user expectations

eBay navigation is essential for success. Frequent users of eBay are used to the way the site is structured, know how to find what they need, and know how to get where they want to go. When designing your eBay store design aim to satisfy these users by follow eBay user expectations when it comes to navigation.

No matter how great your eBay shop design is, itís a proven fact that eBay store designs that don't follow user expectations cause confusion to its visitors as they feel they have left the eBay website. These confused users will simply return to eBay, and shop elsewhere.

Rest assured however, that all eBay store designs from the eBay designers at advansys, follow the very latest in eBay navigation design.

Add the wow factor

Almost anyone with a computer with internet can set up an eBay store. This means there are literately thousands of eBay stores fighting for attention. You can include your brand identity, and follow eBay navigation trends, but if your eBay store design lacks the wow factor, it will simply sink into the crowds of stores.

Aim to add eBay design features thatís not easily done by most, and donít forget to add creative flair. This can include flash animations as well as well designed banners that up-sell your products and services. Mix this with graphic design features, such as the latest web 2.0 design trends, and youíll be way ahead your competitors.

The latest eBay development from the eBay experts at advansys is their advanced eBay listings tool. By combining the power of the eBay listing tool, with our already impressive eBay design portfolio, advansys are confident they can create an eBay store design that breaks boundaries in eBay web design, ensuring to beat any eBay store ever designed, and bring your eBay store, and company to a level far ahead of your competitors.
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