Tpad Expands Shopping Convenience for Consumers with PayPal

From: Tpad Ltd
Published: Tue Jan 26 2010

Tpad, one of the industry’s most progressive telephony companies, is dedicated to providing superior customer care and high quality service in VoIP technology. The company recently announced the expansion of their customer payment options to include PayPal, one of the most widely used online payment processors. For Tpad customers around the world who use PayPal, purchasing their VoIP call credits just got a lot easier.

PayPal began operations in 1999 as an online payment processor. For small businesses, PayPal works as an alternative to an expensive merchant account. For individuals, PayPal is a secure method for shopping online instead of using their credit card. The company was purchased by eBay in 2002.

"When our customers tell us their preferences, we listen and respond. We are very pleased to provide more convenience to our customers in the UK, US and European countries. For individuals who have desired to take advantage of the savings that VoIP technology offers but preferred this method of payment over the use of a credit card online, now they have the best of both worlds. Tpad’s next-generation communication services are designed to keep our customers in touch with their world at the lowest VoIP rates possible," Brand Director of Tpad, Steven Johns noted. "Our individual customers can now enjoy the same cost-saving advantages VoIP provides for our business customers. "

Tpad’s strategy is to provide an array of payment options to allow customers to select the one they are most comfortable using for their purchase. In addition, Tpad customers are not bound by long-term, expensive contracts; they can purchase VoIP credits starting at $5. Tpad joins millions of merchants online who use PayPal as one of their payment options because of its secure transaction facility.

Tpad ( has made it easy to access these savings; customers simply register for a free Tpad VoIP account. Once you verify your email, log in with your 7 digit Tpad number and password. You can select the level of VoIP call credits you want to purchase and when you click the PayPal button you will be taken to the secure PayPal website to complete your purchase.

PayPal also affords customers the ability to make payments via their mobile phone, which means Tpad customers on the go can always be sure that they can purchase their VoIP call credits without using a computer. Tpad customers can save significantly on their international and local calls in comparison using their local telecom service as the majority of destinations only cost 1 pence per minute.

The Tpad VoIP advantage is not only in the savings, but in the level of crystal clear voice quality and superior customer care from Tpad’s tier one data center. Unlike the case of making an international call on many mobile carriers, the receiver of the call is not charged when the connection is made, no matter where they are on the globe or the length of the call.

Customers can use any standard mobile phone with Nimbuzz or Fring SIP software installed to access the Tpad VoIP network or download a free PC soft phone such as ZoIPer, Express Talk or Xlite. If customers have a SIP/VoIP compatible device such as an IP phone, Nokia Wi-Fi Mobile or Linksys ATA phone, they can access the service as well. Consumers and Tpad both benefit from this payment option; for consumers they can purchase just the amount they need without any hidden transaction fees, and Tpad is able to further enhance its level of customer satisfaction.

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Tpad, a tier one data provider, is the world’s most progressive supplier of next-generation telephony solutions for consumers and businesses is highly regarded for its innovative approach to expanding communication access. Tpad provides a superior quality global VoIP network, affording users a wide range of VoIP / SIP devices (Soft phones, ATAs, IP phones or Wi-Fi mobiles) to make free or low cost calls anywhere in the world with crystal clear voice quality.
Tpad’s new telephony services make it easier and less expensive for people anywhere in the world to stay in touch using any device, on any network, anytime, anywhere. The ever-expanding global IP telephony company is headquartered in the UK with offices in the UAE.
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