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From: Sagar Informatics Pvt. Ltd.
Published: Tue Jan 09 2018

New Delhi, India- Why do we use visitor registers!!Is it because we need to keep our daily visitor data recorded (for security reasons of course)! Or, because this is a common practice in most of the organizations we visit? Or, is it because these are easily available in the market and also come cheap!?

Whatever may be your reason behind using an entry register at your office, school, college or apartment or any other similar establishment, does the register really address to that reason and satisfy your requirement? Or, is your visitor register actually secure enough to save you from any possible harm or, is it even capable of making the visitors thinks twice before they think of causing you any damage? No, its not.

Practically its not possible for the paper visitor register to capture genuine data of your visitors. You cant force your visitors to provide their real data and even if you do, how can you be sure that the data they provided are genuine!!

What is trying to say is that, if you use a visitor register to record visitor details such that you can refer to it in future but, its actually not fulfilling that requirement of yours then, why should you invest on that? And, if recording the visitors and visit details is actually important then, why not record those efficiently such that they can actually be of any use (if and when required)!! We have loads of Visitor management software available in the market that can truly automate the visitor walk-in process in any organization. You can go for any of this software that best suits your requirement and budget.

The biggest challenge while choosing your digital visitor management solution is, every product seems to be perfect, all the products might appear to be efficient and addressing to your needs. Then, how to settle down for the one of your choice? Well, its actually not that difficult, all you need to do is, find out what you would like your visitor management software to do.

A good visitor management solution should be,

Convenient to use and error free
Able to ensure that the visitors provide their genuine information
Able to record and remember all your visitors and visits
Able to restrict unwanted visitors from entering your premises
Able to provide you any visit data on demand
Keep your data secured (authorized access)
Flexible having scope of enhancement

There are also some software in the market, that provides Employee Attendance Management Solution and Appointment Management solution along with Visitor Management, notify/remind you of upcoming meetings and when your visitor arrives. Our visitor management software Sagar Informatics, also prints custom visitor cards, generates QR codes for the employees, reads RFID & Biometric data and has many advanced security features. Find out more at

You can always do some research on your own or request for a product demo (many of these visitor management solutions come with a free demo offer) before you finally settle down for the right solution for your establishment.

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