From: Dell KACE
Published: Wed Apr 28 2010

Dell today announced that Ward Hadaway, one of the largest law firms in the North of England, is using the Dell KACE Systems Deployment appliance to meet its imaging and systems build requirements.

With the KACE appliance, the company has reduced the amount of time required to rebuild machines from over two hours per machine to just 15 minutes. Ward Hadaway can also manage multiple images more simply, making it easier to meet different end-user requirements across the company.

"We looked at other software imaging tools on the market, but the KACE appliance provides functionality that fits our requirements better," said Greg Taylor, head of IT at the firm.

According to Taylor, the KACE solution allows Ward Hadaway to:
• Set up an initial image and then have additional images saved based on the differentials, rather than having to create individual images for each build.
• Create and manage images more easily, as well as providing end-users with systems that fit their requirements more precisely.
• Roll-out new laptop images to users in about twenty minutes.

"Ultimately, KACE allows us to be more responsive to business requirements, and tasks within IT can be completed far faster," said Taylor.

"Systems imaging and deployment is one of those tasks that is taken for granted but it can represent a major headache," said Jim Docherty, EMEA managing director at Dell KACE. "Our approach is to make systems deployment and management solutions as easy as possible, taking away the pain points and automating jobs so they can be completed faster.

"Overall, IT can concentrate on projects and activities that provide more value back to the organisation," he added.

Taylor has further plans for his KACE implementation, as Ward Hadaway is looking at moving to a thin client-style approach to its desktops. The KACE appliance will be used to image the company’s desktops so that they can be used as thin client devices, as well as access some of the company’s applications that will remain on Microsoft ® Windows ®.

"The KACE appliance makes it easy to provide images that deliver the level of applications and functionality that each user requires, depending on their role within the company." Taylor said. "We expect Dell KACE to play an important role within our forthcoming technology deployments and strategies."

Dell KACE saves its customers time and their organisations’ money. Systems managers are increasingly forced to wear many hats throughout the day to work on a myriad of IT functions. KACE helps consolidate these functions by providing a single appliance for all projects, while delivering affordable, easy-to-use, comprehensive systems management. The KACE family of systems management and deployment appliances fulfills the systems management needs of the medium-sized organisation, from initial computer deployment to ongoing management and retirement.

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