Website marketing: Multimedia campaigns most effective

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Published: Sat Mar 13 2010

Website Marketing and television advertising are becoming increasingly linked and may soon be difficult to differentiate, according to a new media expert.

Eva Berg-Winters, senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said recent research showing that online brands are increasing their TV advertising spend is a sign that the two channels are moving ever closer together.

The research from TV marketing body Thinkbox suggested that a new trend for 'two-screen viewing' - concurrent consumption of TV and online - has facilitated this growth in online brands advertising on TV.

Data revealed that online brands have increased their TV ad spend from 10 million in 2004 to 180 million in 2009 - an annual increase of 172 per cent.

In addition, 94 per cent of people have gone online as a direct result of watching TV in the last 12 months.

This means that a brand can now go from initial awareness straight to purchase during the course of a single commercial break, making TV a point-of-sale medium.

Further, separate research carried out by ITV and the Direct Marketing Association suggested that multimedia campaigns typically resulted in significantly higher response rates among UK consumers than single channel campaigns.

Consumer response rates improved by 143 per cent when both website marketing and television advertising were used together.

Ms Berg-Winters noted that with two strong advertising channels it was not surprising that people working in website marketing would have an interest in TV.

She added that the trend was mutually beneficial.

"Online brands want to make the most out of TV and large media companies want to move some of their spend to online," she explained.

"TV and online have been two discreet online markets with their own strengths and indeed rules but we are seeing that TV and online are becoming increasingly close.

Ms Berg-Winters pointed to the launch of Seesaw, a new online streaming service that brings together programmes from the BBC, Channel 4 and Five, as an example of how TV was moving towards online.

"As these media become closer so too does the respective advertising - the two will soon become hard to distinguish," she added.
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