Website marketing 'must offer value to users'

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Published: Tue Mar 09 2010

People working in website promotion should focus on offering value rather than simply presenting the latest technology and designs, it has been claimed.

Patricio Robles, writing for Econsultancy, refutes the argument that the internet is a meritocracy in which the most talented and technologically advanced website marketing experts are rewarded.

He notes that this argument is especially popular in the world of start-ups, where it is often thought that the "best and brightest" rise to the top.

However, Mr Robles disagrees with this conception.

"You may be brilliant, but that doesn't mean you're going to succeed," he says, pointing out that "there are plenty of Average Joes, dropouts, hobbyists and teenagers who have struck it rich" on the web by meeting user needs in more simplistic ways.

"The web is littered with 'ugly' and/or simple websites that beat out slicker, more robust websites built by more 'talented' and 'capable' competitors," he adds.

He explained that website marketers cannot expect to compete on merit alone but rather must also deliver value.

Writing for Fresh Business Thinking, Ivan Croxford, general manager of digital marketing services at BT Business, recently said that to maximise their full potential, website marketers should ensure that they update their sites regularly.

Mr Croxford also underlines the importance of integrating social media into website promotion campaigns and look at how the two can support each other to deliver better results.

"Social media enables an e-tailer or marketer to build an audience in a non-intrusive way by inviting dialogue and feedback and sharing compelling content about goods and services," he notes.

This 'sharing' via social media is offering consumers and service users a new and powerful voice.

A recent survey by the Consumer Forum reveals three times as many people tell friends of a bad buying experience than a good one, and often share their experiences online.

Geoff Galat, vice president of worldwide marketing for Tealeaf, noted that "as the online world becomes more and more competitive, customer retention becomes increasingly important as businesses seek to hold on to customers and create evangelists for their brand".
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