2010 Christmas Tree Revolution from Easyplants.co.uk

From: Easy Plants
Published: Mon Sep 13 2010

Easyplants.co.uk the leading supplier of Artificial Christmas trees has given the reason why they believe artificial Christmas trees are revolutionizing the festive period.

With the boom of interior design and decoration it was a natural progression that the traditional Christmas tree would make way to a Luxury artificial Christmas tree when dressing your living room for the festive period. Contemporary living spaces need different styles and colours to compliment the room, something that a traditional Christmas tree finds hard to achieve. Space could be of a premium, so you require a slim line tree, colour could be the issue, you need white, black, gold, theses are just some of the reasons why Faux Christmas trees are revolutionizing the way we dress our homes or office for the Christmas period.

Peter Drinkell Managing Director explains, "I have been involved with many debates over the last 6 years on whether the artificial Christmas trees is better or inferior to a real Christmas tree in both environmental, ethical and now interior design views. You may think I show some bias towards the artificial Christmas tree, especially with http://www.easyplants.co.uk being a leading supplier of artificial Christmas which is credible, but I honestly believe that the new generation of Faux Xmas Trees are revolutionising the choice in festive decoration for the modern home, something that a traditional Christmas tree simply cannot achieve. The Christmas Spirit portrayed through a contemporary artificial Christmas tree, can be exasperating especially when it is tailored in the perfect surroundings."

Peter continues, "Take our stunning black Christmas trees for example, they look simply amazing within a contemporary backdrop of a clean white living space dressed with silver baubles and ornaments, same goes for our contemporary White Xmas trees too.

Artificial Christmas trees offer a better choice of Christmas decoration than any real Christmas tree ever can, traditionalists may not agree, but take it from the 10ís of thousands of people across the country joining the Artificial Christmas tree revolution this year," concludes Peter.
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