5 Things For Football Widows to Get Away With During the World Cup

From: Music Magpie
Published: Thu Jun 03 2010

If you’re looking for an opportune moment to splash the cash or get away with doing something your other half might not approve of, then with football fever taking over the nation as the all-important World Cup comes up, now’s the time to act, says UK’s only cash for old CDs, games and DVDs website www.musicmagpie.co.uk.

Rob Fox, Marketing Director for Musicmagpie, said: "As most football fans will be too distracted by the TV or down at the pub to take much notice of anything else this World Cup season, football widows will have plenty of opportunities to sneak in a treat for themselves without being caught out. So whether you’re looking to make that special purchase online or "borrow" your other half’s phone to call your friends, World Cup season is the time to do it."

Here are five things we think you’ll be able to get away with while your man is cheering on his team.

• Buy that handbag you’ve always wanted. Been dying to buy that perfect handbag but been told it’s too expensive? Jump online while he’s watching the game, he’ll be so gripped by that goal he won’t have the chance to object.

• Sell his old CDs and DVDs. Fed up with all his old CDs and DVDs cluttering up the house or flat? Go online and trade them in for cash at www.musicmagpie.co.uk. Let’s be honest he never listens to or watches them anymore anyway – and it’ll help pay for your handbag!

• Take his car for a spin. Always wanted to get behind the wheel of his baby? Take advantage while that all-important England game is on. You can be back before the half time whistle blows - he won’t have even realised it’s gone!

• Book a holiday. Need a break? While your other half is cheering on his team browse for that perfect holiday online. Whether its just for the two of you or one with the girls, he’ll be too busy to interfere - leaving you free to book your place of choice. By selling his DVDs and CDs online he might not even notice the cost.

• "Borrow" his phone. If you’ve run out of credit on your mobile but still fancy a girly gossip with a friend, why not use his phone to make the call? He’ll be so engrossed in the match that his phone won’t even cross his mind.

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