A bank of memories held in one perfect gift

From: Blossom Mother and Child Ltd
Published: Mon Oct 18 2010

‘big notes little notes’ - the perfect gift for mothers or mothers-to-be to note down those life changing moments before and after becoming a mum. These elegant pink and blue diaries are dedicated to give mothers the chance to record the unforgettable moments in their journey – from the first time you hear your child’s heartbeat, to finding out the sex of your child, the first time you feel them move and their first kick. Not to forget after your child is born, note down the first time they open their eyes and recognize you, the first smile, laugh, even a funny face, their first word and their first joke.

‘big notes little notes’ makes the finest gift for mothers, an everlasting accessory to note these treasured moments which you can fondly look back upon in years to come.

Timeless quality and elegant design. Each A5 notebook is bound in the finest leather, watermarked paper with durable thread-sewn binding and gold-edged pages. Mole skins are legendary notebooks that have held the inspirations and ideas of everyone from Van Gogh, Picasso to Hemingway. Artists, authors, and geniuses of all variety have long appreciated the simplicity and superior functionality of these notebooks. For mothers bringing new life into the world, these provide the perfect accessory to record the journey of their blossoming child.

‘big notes little notes’ available in store and online; £35 each.

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