Acorn Office Products - Driving Recycling in Your Office

From: Gloucestershire Furniture Hire
Published: Tue Feb 02 2010

Acorn Office products based in Coleford Gloucestershire are making us all aware of recycling within our offices. They have produced a range of recycling bins aimed specifically at the work place market.

Many of us are now recycling at home with councils up and down the UK providing recycling bins for:
* Garden waste
* Glass
* Tins
* Paper
* Cardboard
* Plastic

This now enables us to effectively sort and recycle our home waste with weekly collections from refuse Lorries. This is something we are all getting better at, however the one way we can all make a big difference is in our place of work.

We all spend a large amount of our time at work in our offices, during that time we deal with a lot of waste products:
* Paper (poor photocopy, junk mail and old paperwork)
* Drink and food cartons (lunchtime snacks)
* Ink toners (used with no purpose left)

Most of these items are just thrown into a traditional bin ready to be collected and taken to landfill, increasing our C02 emissions.

Acorn Office Products have a fantastic range of office recycling bins available to make recycling in the office as simple as it is at home! The bins are also produced within 99 miles of their distribution centre, so they are not flown in from across the other side of the world. The bins themselves are made using recycled goods and contain up to 70% recycled fibre.

The bins are not just boring cardboard constructions, they are made in special sizes to fit into the smallest office space and come in colourful designs to brighten any office. They can also be branded with your company logo which is ideal for retail outlets and large offices helping to get your company message across and show how committed you are to recycling.

Acorn Office Products are really setting the way with a new generation of office recycling bins, they are available through their website to purchase and can be purchased individually or in bulk. Make your office a recycling haven in 2010 and reduce your C02 emissions.

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