Angela Langford - The No-Nonsense Approach To Natural and Organic Skin Care Products

From: Angela Langford Ltd
Published: Wed Aug 18 2010

Angela Langford ( is a brand new natural and organic skin care range that combines top quality naturally active and organic raw ingredients - and plenty of them - with a refreshingly up-front and honest approach to what’s inside.

The result… an innovative natural skin care range that delivers not only real results, but one where consumers can actually understand why.

The Angela Langford brand speaks to customers in an easy to understand way that educates customers in good, effective natural skin care. Ingredients are listed in plain English (as well as the legal Latin) ensuring that the benefits of every active raw material in each of the 19 products are explained clearly.

Founder and owner of this innovative skin care brand, Angela Langford says of her products…

"I wanted to avoid complex pseudo-scientific language that so many other skin care brands use. Most of us aren’t scientists, so wrapping up these products in an alien language is confusing - and can be misleading. I wanted to share my knowledge with customers so that they can really understand what ingredients to look out for and what makes a product, great."

This new natural range from Angela Langford includes cleansers, exfoliators, toners, serums, oils and creams. All her products are formulated with high levels of naturally active ingredients and, where possible, organic raw materials are used. All of Angela’s products are also free from parabens, petrochemicals, harsh detergents or any other nastiest that can irritate skin.

Angela has spent the last 2 ½ years developing the range testing and trying out the products on her friends, her family and herself – never on animals. She makes each product by hand in small batches, resulting in consistently high quality premium products that keep customers coming back for more.

Angela is so confident in her new natural skin care range that she is offering customers the chance to try before they buy…

"With so many brands available it’s important to give customers the chance to try products before they buy them. This is why I send out free samples to each and every customer – that way they can see whether my products suit their skin before they actually make a purchase. I understand totally that not everyone likes the same things – it would be a tedious, boring world if they did! So I want to make sure my customers are 100% happy in their skin, using my products – free samples are a great way to ensure my customers and their skin are happy.


About Angela Langford

A true ‘Kitchen Table’ business, Angela starting working on her formulas when she was living in Spain and she couldn’t buy her favourite night balm. Her love of cooking and devising recipes to tantalize the taste buds, made her think that perhaps she could try and make a night balm herself. She enrolled on her first skincare course in early 2008 and quickly realised she had the same passion for devising natural skincare products as she did for experimenting with tasty recipes to eat. Two and a half years later and she has now formulated a premium skin care range that delivers results to customers around the world.

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